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We have another section you can shop from too! Each store has different products so you'll find many more great pads there, and most stores will ship Internationally.


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Hi my name is Jess, creator of Midnight Moon and three wonderful little children - aged 5, 3 and (nearly) 1. I have always tried to be more environmentally concious, and using cloth menstrual products seemed like a natural progression. I love sewing, dyeing and shopping for gorgeous fabrics so making pads for you is a perfect way to get my fix!

Liners: Hand-dyed bamboo velour topped liners backed with hemp/bamboo fleece for added absorbancy. Wings are quilters cotton/flannelette. You have the option of adding PUL for an extra 50c. Email me for a custom if this is required.

Regular: Topped with bamboo velour/flannel/quilters cotton with a hemp/bamboo fleece core attached to a layer of flannelette. A layer of PUL is added for moisture resistance. These are suited to day use.

Regular heavy pads: Topped with bamboo velour/flannel/quilters cotton with a hemp/bamboo fleece core attached to a layer of flannelette. A layer of PUL is added for moisture resistance. These can be used during the heavier part of your cycle or even overnight.

Overnight/post-partum: These pads are great for overnight use or after birth. They have 3 layered core of hemp/bamboo fleece attached to a layer of flannelette. There is a layer of PUL to make the pad moisture resistant.

Customs: I'm open to customs, please contact me. Payment must be received in full before I start work on them.
If you have any issues with this, contact me and I'll be happy to work it out with you.
Generally, they will be completed and posted within 3 weeks, however I will let you know what timeframe you will be looking at when you make contact.

Payment: Payment can be made via Paypal or Direct Deposit (preferred)
If payment has not been received within 3 working days of ordering I may send a reminder, however if no contact is made within 1 week the order will be cancelled and item returned to stock.
If you require a longer period for payment to be made please feel free to contact me and we can work it out.

Postage:Your purchase will be sent within 2 business days of payment clearing unless otherwise stated/discussed.
Postage is $2 plus an additional 50c per item. Please contact me if you purchase more than 4 items so you are not overcharged.
Registered or express postage is available if required (again, contact me!) Once your item is sent I take no responsibility for lost parcels therefore if you are concerned, I recommend registered post.

Returns:Due to the personal nature of my products I will not accept returns if you have changed your mind, wrong size etc.
However, I take great pride in my work so if you discover a fault with your item please contact me and I will do my best to rectify the issue.