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Everything in my store will be 15% off up until the end of June. Older stock is discounted even further! After June my store will be on vacation until I am settled in a new city with a new job. I don't normally have big sales like this - take a look while you can!

Welcome! I make handmade reusable cloth menstrual pads and am based in Australia. I use high quality bamboo, cotton and hemp in my pad cores to give you trim, highly absorbent pads. All fabric has been washed multiple times before sewing, meaning my pads will not shrink after washing, and pads will be able to absorb well from the time of first use. My pads have a uniquely contoured shape to fit you very comfortably. I take a lot of special care in picking out great looking top fabrics. These are modern day pads for the modern day lady :D

I really do think you deserve the best, and that's Indigo Honey! Indigo Honey pads are made with love and gorgeous fabric :)

Yes, I ship to Australia and overseas. For international customers, please see my listings for Asia Pacific (including NZ) and other international customers.

Thanks for stopping by Indigo Honey! - Tara

ABN: 43788191276