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    - Medium / Regular
    - Heavy/Night/PostPartum
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In my childbearing years, suffering losses between my two beautiful sons, my bleeds became something other than magical. There was much sadness, devastation, and finally, resignation. Some women find their bleed hellish, even without the emotion of infertility, miscarriage or stillbirth.

When I began making and using cloth pads, I loved their wholesome non-disposable nature. I was using pads that I'd made myself my own pattern, my own fabrics. They were so comfortable! Comforting during a time when not much else could be. Pouring the soak water onto the garden, rinsing, washing and pegging out to dry was a cleansing ritual.

From choosing your favourite colours and patterns, placing your order... stalking the postie for your special self-gift... to that first time you wear a cloth pad, just know that you are doing something special for YOURSELF.

Comfort, health, environment, ritual, colours that speak to you.

The larger of Scarlet Eve pads have an original 'flip-out' booster, which allows for more thorough washing and quicker drying. This is important when pads are made with the waterproof backing called PUL (polyurethane laminate). My pads come in Tiny, Mini, Regular, Uber and Uber Long sizes, and in all different colours and fabrics. I have no doubt that you will find something to suit you!

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Thankyou for looking at my products, they can also be viewed on my more comprehensive website and do not hesitate to contact me at if you require more information or clarification. You may also find my blog interesting!

Jo Watson