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Hi and welcome to Bohemian Rainbow.

My name is Vanessa and I'm a happily married WAHM with 2 kids Alexander 7 and Caitlin 4.I have a passion for colour and fabric and  love to use striking colour combinations with my products .I'm always looking for new bright fabrics and am constantly in my laundry dying up  a fresh batch of velour.My pads are all in one style so they are easy to use and incredibly comfortable.I hope you enjoy using my pads as much as I enjoy making them.

Here is my size information.   

Liners:I make bamboo velour topped liners with added PUL for protection,or 3 layered flannel liners. 

Regular pads:These pads measure 26cm in length and are perfect for a regular flow.I use a one layer bamboo fleece booster attached to a layer of flannel.A layer of PUL is added to make the pad waterproof.

Medium/Heavy pads: These pads measure 31cm in length and contain 2 layers of bamboo fleece attached to a layer of flannel.A layer of PUL is added to make the pad waterproof.These pads accommodate a heavier flow and can be used successfully overnight.

Maternity/Overnight: These pads measure 33cm in length and contain 3 layers of bamboo fleece attached to a layer of flannel.A layer of PUL is added to make the pad waterproof.Perfect for a very heavy flow,overnight or post partum use.

All my pads are 8cm wide when snapped closed,except for liners which are 7cm. My boosters are channeled to direct the flow into the pad,my boosters are sewn to an internal layer to keep the top soft and comfortable against the skin. 

Please visit my site,where I offer all my pads and liners as custom orders in your choice of fabrics.Please follow my Facebook page to keep updated with my latest stockings,new fabrics specials etc

Vanessa,Bohemian Rainbow :)