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Cloth Pad Care
I recommend hand washing pads and then soaking them in a bucket, rinsing daily. When cycle is finished put into a normal wash load. Line drying is recommended to give pads some lovely sunshine which is said to lighten stains and help sanitise.


Ex Large - 31.5 cm length snapped width 10cm to 8cm
Large - 26cm length 7.5 to 10cm snapped width
Medium - 21cm length 7 cm snapped width
Liner - 17.5cm length 5cm to 6.5cm snapped width

Cloth pads are made with Cotton, Minky, Bamboo Velour, Bamboo flannel and Flannel outers. Bamboo Fleece Inner and Optional PUL waterproofing layer.

I aim for Funky, Fun, Feminine fabrics to make you feel good.
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