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Welcome to my Noonee Wilga store at the Cloth Pad Shop.

Noonee Wilga cloth pads are reuseable and range from purely comfortable and practical to luxurious with wild flights of fancy. They are ideal for use during menstruation, for mild incontinence or for mid-cycle freshness.

Noonee Wilga cloth pads are available in the following standard sizes. Other lengths are available on request.
* 19 cm - ideal for liners and light flow
* 25 cm - suitable for regular flow
* 28 cm - longer pad good for regular to heavy flow
* 33 cm - double snap pads suitable for post-partum, night time, heavy flow or for those who just like longer pads
* 37 cm - post-partum, night and very heavy flow

Most of the pads offered here are custom-made to your specifications - you can choose the length, type of fabric on top and bottom, number and type of absorbent inner layers, waterproofing or not... They can be made in either an all-in-one or modified pocket style. Polyacetal resin snaps are used for closure unless you request metal snaps or buttons. For pads with hidden PUL for waterproofing, the PUL goes right to the edge of the whole pad where it is attached and there are no stitch lines or needle holes elsewhere in it.

I have been creating custom-made and made-to-measure items for mums and bubs (predominantly Cloth Pads and OneWet Pants - training pants for EC babies)for nearly ten years now. You can see some of the variety I offer at my website I particularly enjoy making things from beautiful fabrics and have several different styles that I commonly use for cloth pads and breast pads.

If you would prefer something that differs from what is shown here, such as longer or wider pads or shaped breast pads, please email me, as I love the challenge of creating something that is perfect for you!

All pads shown in my store have free shipping to anywhere within Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. I am delighted to post to anywhere so select your location when you place your order.

If you would like to request a particular fabric print or topping fabric, please email me to discuss.

Best wishes

This is one of my favourite views: the colourful sunrise that I can see from my sewing machine!