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We have another section you can shop from too! Each store has different products so you'll find many more great pads there, and most stores will ship Internationally.


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Obsidian Star pads come in a range of different styles and lengths. With natural, organic and synthetic fabric options available, as well as Waterproofed and non-waterproofed pads.
All pads are snapped with a professional snap press, using polyacetal resin snaps. I also offer extra snap settings on some pads to reduce the width through the centre.

(Approx sizes)

Mini - 16cm long, 6cm when snapped
Nymph - 21cm long, 6-7cm when snapped
Neophyte - 25cm long, 7cm when snapped
Maiden - 27cm long, 7cm when snapped
Hybrid - 30cm long, 7cm when snapped
Priestess - 33cm long, 7cm when snapped
Goddess - 39cm long, 7cm when snapped
Goddess Night - 42cm long, 7cm when snapped

See my store on CPSUS
I also have pads, jewellery, lunchwraps and other things at my online store


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Obsidian Star is currently closed for a little break, check my blog/facebook/twitter for updates of when the store will reopen.

E-mail: Obsidian@ObsidianStar.net

Address: PO Box 1306, Mountain Gate Shopping Centre, Ferntree Gully, Vic, 3156

Payment Methods Accepted: Bank Deposit, Paypal

Postage Policy: $2 flat rate postage per order on most pads within Australia. Use the "Insurance" option for registered post. No responsibility taken for damage or loss unless order is shipped with insurance. Express available for extra fee. I generally post out only twice a week, so please be aware there may be a small delay in your order arriving (Let me know if you're in a hurry).

Full Postage Policy (including info on combined orders) can be found here Obsidian Star Postage Policy

International Shipping: Will ship Internationally.

ABN: 44 482 670 124

Please note that sometimes pads may be photographed before I have snapped them, but they will be snapped before you receive them.  Also some pads are photographed before I add the label to the back of them.  This label tells you what absorbency the pad is, and you can use it to remember which way up the pad goes (label side against the underwear).  pads which could be reversible don't have labels. See also my Disclaimer.