Cloth Pad Shop is a bit like an online shopping centre or "Mall", where there are several different traders all selling from the one website.
Each trader has their own mini-store on the Cloth Pad Shop website, which you can access by clicking on their name in the side menu. This takes you to their store, where you can find their information and products.
If you want to view all the products available for sale from all our traders, you can select to view the products by a certain category (eg "Pantyliners"), or you can click the "View all our products" link.
The Category pages will show a small picture of the product, as well as the product title, a brief description, the price and buttons for you to add it to your cart ("Buy now") or to look at more information about that product ("Click for details"). The "All products" page shows just a small "thumbnail" image of the product, which you can click to go to the full listing that will display information on the product as well as pricing and the button to add it to the cart.
As the Cloth Pad Shop website has products from a variety of traders, you are able to make a purchase from more than one trader in the one order if you wish. You will notice that the store names are shown as part of the bottom row of each item listing while looking through the category pages. This is to let you easily see which seller that particular product is from.
When you place an order from more than one trader, you will go through the checkout and make payment (via paypal) just like you would if you were ordering from one single store, making it very convenient for you to buy everything you want, without needing to worry about checking out multiple times. Please see the topic below for more information on multiple-trader orders.
More information on specific topics can be found below.
Do I need to register/sign up to the site? | Buying from more than one seller ("Multi-Seller order")
Items that are "Previewing" | How to put items in your shopping cart | Our Postage system
International Orders

Do I need to register/sign up to the site?

You can create an account if you want to, or you can go through the checkout without creating an account. If you have created an account on another CongoCart site, then you can use that same login for any other Congo sites, including ours. Signing up to the Congo service is similar to signing up to other online stores - where creating an account gives you access to a "my account" screen to see details of previous orders, and stores your shipping details so that you won't need to type them out each time you shop here. Your details are not given out to anyone, and you will never receive e-mails from Cloth Pad Shop other than your order confirmation ones. Payments are handled off-site (either through paypal or bank deposit or money order), so payment details are never entered into our system. An account is required for any lottery or prize entries however, as our system cannot register the win/find to an unregistered entrant.

Buying from more than one trader ("Multi-Store order")

While each store here is a individual businesses, your shopping does not have to be limited to the one store. You may purchase items from multiple stores in the one transaction, to make it a convenient way to shop. Or you can shop just with one. The choice is yours.
As you shop, simply place any items you wish to purchase into your "shopping cart". It doesn't matter which store they are from, they will all go into the one cart. When you continue through the checkout process, you will see your orders separated out by store. You will have the option to select the postage option for each part of your order. More information on the shipping types is below.
As each store on Cloth Pad Shop is trading as an individual business, in a multiple-store order, you are actually placing more than one order at the same time. Your orders will be shipped to you directly from the traders you have purchased from. So if you order from 2 different stores, you will receive your order in 2 separate parcels - They will not be shipped together. This means that you will need to pay 2 lots of shipping charges (if applicable). Different traders have different postage frequencies, and are in different locations, so items ordered on the same day may not arrive to you on the same day.
This is no different from purchasing from several individual stores on their own. Our store simply gives you the ability to do your shopping on one website and making the one payment, rather than searching around the Internet and completing a checkout process numerous times.
With a multiple-store order, the payment for the whole order is made to Cloth Pad Shop's paypal account, and is then forwarded on to the businesses you have purchased from. As such, paypal is the only available payment method for a multiple-store order. If you wish to pay for your order in other methods, then you will have to place the order with each store separately.
If you have any concerns with one part of your order not arriving, please contact the store from that part of the order directly. Remember that mail can sometimes take several days to reach its destination, and it is likely that you will not receive all parts of your order at the same time.

What is "Previewing"?

When a store wants to make an announcement, or has a product they are going to be bringing out (but doesn't want anyone to buy it yet), they can set the product to "previewing" status. Which has no "add to cart" button, and is not able to be added to your cart. Reading through the product details, you will find out if it is a store announcement, a product that you need to contact the seller to purchase, or an item that will be available to purchase at a later date.

Adding items to your cart

When you add items to your shopping cart, the total and number of items will appear in the shopping cart area under the menu on the left of the screen. You can view this at any time. Each store can choose a method of allocating the "sold" status of products in a shopping cart. Most products will not be considered to be "sold" until you have completed the checkout process, in which case it would be possible for more than one person to have that item in their shopping cart, but only the first person to complete the checkout would be able to purchase it. It is advisable to complete the checkout without delay, to avoid another shopper being able to purchase the items instead.
The final part of our checkout will give you the following buttons. Clicking the "Place Order" button will complete the checkout and place your order. Please note that until payment is made for the order, the order has not been finalised and will not be shipped.

After you have clicked the "Place Order" button, you will either be taken to the paypal website where you can pay for your order. Or you will reached the point of the checkout that says "CHECKOUT: Completed!" (as shown below), and you will now need to pay for your purchases through the manual payment process you chose (Money Order/Bank Deposit etc.) If you have chosen Bank Deposit or Money Order, the payment details should show on the screen. Choosing the "Request totals" payment option will bring up a screen like the following, and you will need to contact the seller for their payment details:

If you have chosen to pay with paypal, you will be directed to continue on to the paypal website to make the payment. If you do not continue through to paypal, then our cart system cannot record that you have made the payment, and delays may result from this. If for some reason you are unable to continue through to paypal (such as your browser crashes), please login to your account (Using the "Account Services link) and there should be a link for you to follow, or use the link provided in your confirmation e-mail, this will make the paypal payment lkink to your order in our system. If you have chosen an alternative payment method, you will need to manually make this payment to the seller. It is advisable to inform the seller that you have made the payment when you have done so, particularly if using a manual payment method such as bank deposit.

Postage Options

When shopping from more than one store (A "multi-store order"), you will complete the checkout as you would normally, but at the postage portion of the checkout process, you will be given a choice of shipping options for each of the sellers you have purchased from. Each seller will be shipping their portion of your order separately, so you will need to pay shipping for each seller. Some sellers may offer different shipping options, such as express or tracked mail.

If the amount seems incorrect to you, or you wish to change options (if there was a choice), go back and try the other option, and you may receive a different rate. You can contact the seller if you would like to discuss the postage rates.

International Customers

Cloth Pad Shop is an Australian online store, with Australian sellers. Prices are in AUD. Some of our sellers do ship internationally. Please check that the store will post to your country before placing an order (that information is usually found in their policies section, you find this by clicking on their name in the menu on the side, then clicking the link to "Store policies" at the top of their store page), and what the extra shipping charges would be. You can contact the store to see if they will ship to you if their policies does not state this.
The International shipping charges should be added by the cart when you check out. Please make sure you have included your country name as it is normally written in English, as this is used to calculate the shipping costs. If no shipping is available, the seller may not have set shipping to that country, or may not ship to that country. Please contact the seller to discuss shipping to your country.
Please note that most of our sellers are unable to ship cloth pads or menstrual cups to the United States due to FDA regulations.