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We have another section you can shop from too! Each store has different products so you'll find many more great pads there, and most stores will ship Internationally.


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 Noonee Wilga - Galah!

At last - a boostable wool strip-backed pad with 100% cotton on top! The semi-felted wool provides moisture resistance and the cotton pinwale cord is soft, absorbent and comfortable against your skin. Free shipping to Australia, NZ and Asia Pacific.
Noonee Wilga
5 available Click for Details Buy Now Price: $11.00
 +2147 2147

 Noonee Wilga - Tabwing Liner - Custom

Thin, contoured, comfortable and effective! A perfect liner for every day wear or as a backup when using a tampon or menstrual cup.
Noonee Wilga
5 available Click for Details Buy Now Price: $9.00
 +1646 1646